introducing Connie Tsang!

Connie Tsang has traveled all over the place but currently lives and works in Toronto.  i got a chance to meet her in Austin, TX where she was housesitting for a friend.  we talked cameras, music and food mostly.  her energy is infectious and inspiring.  her photos of her neighborhood are vibrant and really give you the feel of the place.  her photos of her family are warm, sweet, nostalgic and melancholy. her food photos never fail to make me hungry and her live music shots are fantastic, exactly what live music shots should be: full of energy, movement and sweat.                                            

you can see more of her work HERE

Aunty – Toronto                                                              

Nuit Blanche: The Apology Project – Toronto

The Taxi Man – Toronto                                                                   

Snow On Brunswick – Toronto                                  

Blackout Celebration – Toronto

Khalsa Day Celebration – Toronto

all photos © 2009 Connie Tsang



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