introducing Olivia Kjellander Hook!

It takes a special eye to take little corners of everyday mundanity and turn them into timeless beauty.  

Olivia got her first camera when she was studying in England as a way to document her daily activities and travels.  Since she wasn’t a fan of writing in a journal, taking photos seemed like a better option for her.  Olivia has a favorite saying relating to cameras that goes like this: “the best camera is the one you have with you.”  She says that she typically has at least two cameras with her at all times.  Her heart belongs to film (cross-processed slide film being a favorite of hers) and she says that if she could have only one camera to shoot with for a year, it’d be the Holga.  The first thing that struck me about Olivia’s photos was the warm richness of the tones and how well they mixed with that texture that you only get from film.  To me this is perfect when combined with her subject matter of vintage signs, bits of old cars and other everyday scenes.  There’s many examples of this on her Flickr site  and for even more go here

Inside & Outside

Blue Star In A Green Sky

Curious Boy

Chase The Sun Into Your Eyes



Tangled Up In Blue

all photos © Olivia Kjellander Hook


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