introducing James Petrucci!

our first non-photographic feature here at connective collective comes from a fantastic painter named James Petrucci.

Now, i’m no art expert by any stretch of the imagination but i am amazed at the way James so perfectly captures the essence of his subjects (most of whom i know), using these big, aggressive brushstrokes. I think it must be attention he pays to the eyes that adds an extra warmth and depth to his paintings and gives you a better idea as to who these people are. Of course, these photos don’t do the paintings justice, to see them in person is something else, they are truly stunning, especially his larger paintings. James is easily one of the nicest, least pretentious people i know, which is a completely refreshing change from the sea of pretentious d-bags taking up space in the art world today.  

please go check out more of his work here.                      

Gravity (oil on canvas)

Myopia 5 (from an ongoing series of  small portraits, oil on paper)

Myopia 4 (oil on paper)

Myopia 3 (oil on paper)

Tomorrow’s Yesterday (oil on canvas)

all paintings by James Petrucci


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