introducing Jeff Phillips!

Jeff grew up in the southwest United States, he lived in St. Lous for a while before moving to Chicago in 2000.  Jeff has been making pictures for more than twenty-five years, he worked in commercial photography for over a decade during the 80’s and 90’s before realizing that making pictures for other people wasn’t satisfying and moved on.  Since then Jeff has been concentrating on a variety of projects, the most recent being Crowdspotting, a series shot with a swing-lens panoramic camera in the streets of Chicago.  You can see more of these images here

I asked Jeff how he makes these incredible cinematic images, here’s what he said:

I use a manual film camera for this work. It’s super weird–the lens swings on a vertical axis, using a motor, and exposing the film through a small slit in a drum, making a long and skinny image on the film.  I process the exposed film in my kitchen sink and hang it to to dry in my bathroom shower.  I’d print them in a darkroom if I had the space, but I don’t.  So, I digitize the negatives using a high-resolution film scanner, and then tweak the images in Photoshop.  I don’t crop, I don’t clone, I don’t colorize.  Everything is as pure as I can keep it – these are “street” photographs and I am trying to stay true to the traditions.   Lastly, I print the photographs up to six feet wide on a wide-format photographic inkjet printer that takes up a good portion of my living room.

Take a peek…

all photos ©Jeff Phillips


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