hello friends

We’ve been getting a lot of nice positive feedback about connective collective.  Thanks to everyone who’s contributed and to everyone who’s popped in for a look.  I hope that everybody who comes by and takes a peek at our humble little blog thingy, will find something by one (or more) of our many fine contributors that they really love.  My hope is also that if a person does get inspired, that they will follow our artist’s links to their personal websites, blogs, flickr pages or whatever and maybe drop the artist a line to let ’em know that they’re digging their art.  It’s always nice to hear some positive feedback towards one’s labor of love.  One of the main reasons I started this was to open lines of communication between art lovers, so get connected folks.  And always feel free to contact us with any feedback/constructive criticism you might have, we love to hear from people!
get in touch here: regesterphotography [at] gmail [dot] com
also please join us on facebook
and our flickr group

-connective collective

ps. here’s a peek at some of the awesome stuff that folks have been submitting to our flickr pool…

©Erin Hanson

©Greg Martinelli

©Carly Scott

©Thomas Attila Lewis

©Greg Lawler


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