Motley Magazine

In our mailbox this weekend we were delighted to discover that the fine folks over at Motley Magazine had sent us a copy of their premier issue.  Motley Magazine is a fantastic looking photography magazine that intersperses the work of nine international photographers throughout the issue in an attempt to avoid a traditional story layout.  They have included a grid system on the cover for the reader to determine who took which photographs.  Initially I found this difficult and a little confusing (granted, it doesn’t take much to confuse me) but as I looked through the photographs, the quality and diversity of the images really took over and spoke for themselves.  We find everything from tender portraits to gritty urban scenes, abstract images to cityscapes and suburban backyards.  From the unusual to the commonplace, there is much here to absorb.

Motley is 92 pages and hand numbered in a limited run of 500.  The folks over at Motley put a lot of love into this magazine and they did it their way.  I totally respect that.  This is a well put together magazine (more like a book really) with some stunning art inside.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with for issue #2.

For more on Motley Magazine check out their website right here


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