The Velvet Cell

We here at Connective Collective love mail. LOVE it! Especially when there happens to be art and photo related treats in it. This week we received the very first book published by The Velvet Cell Books. We were of course, very excited since we’re big fans of The Velvet Cell online magazine. For those of you unfamiliar with The Velvet Cell, it’s focus is on top-notch urban photography. It’s quality stuff as you can see here.The Velvet Cell books is a not-for-profit endeavor based out of London, England. Their premier publication features the work of Austrian photographer Thomas Albdorf and his beautiful, desolate, nighttime landscapes.This is a compact book (179mm x 120mm, 16pgs), more booklet than what some might consider a traditional book. Sure it would be ideal to view some of these images on a larger scale, but you can’t argue with the quality here. Not only the quality of the art featured within, but also the quality of the full color printing and sturdy, semi-gloss paper.

The folks at The Velvet Cell have a great eye for amazing photography, we really hope that this is just the first of many more books from them. We love to see independent book publishers emerging from the cyber-world that we tend to get lost in more and more these days. There’s definitely something nice about having something tangible to look at and feel, far more rewarding than staring at images on a computer screen. We should all be supporting these independents to ensure an exciting, hands-on future of discovering up and coming artists and their work.

pick up a copy of The Velvet Cell here, do it quickly, it’s a limited edition of 40


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