Stephanie Ho

The following paintings are from a series entitled Still Frames by Hong Kong-born artist Stephanie Ho.
We first discovered Stephanie’s work over at Saatchi Online where we instantly fell in love with her vivid images of large groups of people doing what they do in their bustling city lives. Of the series, Stephanie says:

My recent works relate to my interest in observing human activities of metropolitan city lives, be it in a train station, airport, shopping mall, park or any other public spaces. The people in the paintings showed no expressions. Viewed from a distance, they look the same yet they are different. Just like the woman you sit next to on the bus every morning or the man standing at the opposite side of the platform – strangely familiar.

The limited contextual details of the backgrounds echo the behaviors of busy city people, who are often so engaged in what they are doing that they ignore their surrounding environment. This ironically provides a perfect setting for viewers to observe the choreographic patterns formed by the citizens.

Based mainly on photographs, each painting seeks to capture that something special in what would otherwise have been a mundane scene; someone, somewhere frozen in time. People in the paintings slip off boundaries of the canvases reflect the ongoing human activities. The limited palette further enhance the surreally and dream-like atmosphere of the picture.

You can find more of Stephanie’s work here


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