two new books from The Velvet Cell

Remember our friends from The Velvet Cell?  We just got their two latest releases in the mail this week. Almost exactly a year ago today, we featured some photography by Amsterdam based photographer Sander Meisner. Well, Sander is the subject of The Velvet Cell Books #002. This book is a bit larger than TVCB’s premier publication, we like the slightly larger format here, helps us really absorb the wonderful art contained within, which is 16 pages of beautiful urban nighttime photography along with some quotes from Sander describing his work. Says Meisner:
By night, people often feel like a lot of places become quite sinister. But if you can look deeper, the night creates a lot of beauty in places that aren’t considered beautiful.

Good stuff!

For TVCB #003 they’ve gone back to the smaller format. This publication features the work of Éanna Freeney, an Irish photographer based in London and some of his stark images of East London at night. These are some really striking black and white photos, all shadows and contrasts and the feeling that there may be danger lurking unseen in the dark corners of these scenes. We here at Connective Collective do wish that they had released this one in the larger format, as the photos contain a good deal of darkness, it would be nice to see them larger so the subtleties in the details are more instantly apparent. Other than that one small gripe, we are impressed by the continued quality of  both printing and content from The Velvet Cell Books and we’re happy that they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.Both these publications are 16 pages and limited editions of 50, so get ’em before they’re gone. Go here for more info or to purchase these books.

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