hello and welcome to connective collective.

i’ve been wanting to do this for some time.

i’ve been taking pictures, making art, if you will, in one way or another for several years now.

mostly it’s been a solitary endeavor but i have found that some of my most rewarding art-related experiences happened when working with other people.  whether it was making zines, putting together photo exhibits or putting on concerts and multi-media events, it’s always great to be able to feed off someone else’s creativity, drive, energy and passion, to be able to bounce ideas off someone, to have someone to troubleshoot with, to share ideas, resources, knowledge and experiences with.

i have many ridiculously talented and creative friends.  the internet has been such a great tool for bringing like-minded folks together regardless of physical location.  it can be a great source for finding inspiration.  i’ve been lucky enough to “meet” some incredibly talented people from all over the world who inspire me daily.  most of these people are not “professionals”, most of these people operate outside of the mainstream, outside the box.  most of these are people who want to create for the sake of creating, for the sake of making something beautiful with whatever they have at hand, people that believe that beauty can come in many different forms.

i often find myself telling people “you need to meet  _______,  you’d love their stuff!”  that, in essence, is what i want connective collective to be about:  creating.  sharing.  inspiring.

since most things i create now start with a camera, just like many of my friends, the better part of connective collective will undoubtedly be photographic.  i am thrilled to collaborate with friends to be able to share their photographic visions next to mine in this forum. however i also want this to be a space for other forms of art, including music which is very inspiring to me.

we want to see your creations.

send us submissions of  your photography, music or links to your art, whatever it may be.

inspire us.