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a handful of treats for you

here’s some new art for y’all to check out. make sure to click on the all the links so you can delve into the work a bit more in-depth like. and then give the artists some love. i feel pretty confident that they like love.

Fiona Essex


Tiger Eyez!
Peat Wollaeger

Aaron Winnenberg

Ged Mason


Bill McCullough

Last year we had some friends come to visit from out of state. They brought their wedding photos to show us. Now normally when someone drags out a wedding album, you can expect a half hour’s worth of boring pictures of overlapping rings and cake cutting utensils and such. Mind you, here at Connective Collective we try not to be haters, we like to keep things positive, but let’s face it, most wedding photography is dreadful. Sure, it might be technically “good” photography but the images are usually painfully impersonal and well, generic as heck.  This was most definitely NOT the case with this particular wedding album. As we flipped through the album I was completely blown away. The photographs were taken by Austin, Texas based photographer, Bill McCullough. This was not just great wedding photography, it was amazing photography period. Bold, cinematic shots that put you right in the center of the action, no boring posed photos, you are transported to ground zero of someone’s family celebration.  Just look here at some examples and you’ll get a sense of what I mean. 

Bill has just released a new book called Tone Poem with the help of his wife and partner, Meredith, a letterpress printer and master bookbinder (her website is right here).  The book is limited to 50 copies. Get yours before they’re all gone. Here is a sampling of some of the great images found in the book:

To see more of Bill’s work go here and here and here

all photos ©Bill McCullough

Pedro Covo

Loving this work from Colombian illustrator Pedro Covo.

Arthur Rimbaud


Here are some pictures for you to feast your eyeballs on. Some of the people featured here you may remember from previous entries and some are brand spanking new to connective collective. Remember, we’re always looking for interesting new art, if you’ve got some to show us please get in touch.Vida©Silvia Conde

©Joji Nakamura

©Carly Scott

©Olivia Kjellander Hook

©Patrick Joust

©Benedetta Falugi

©Artur Eranosian

Furrukh Khan

We are extremely delighted to bring you these great photographs from Ohio based photographer, Furrukh Khan. These beautiful scenes from everyday America have a sort of instant familiarity about them. The American Family captured so perfectly that you feel a part of the scene. Take some time and go through some more of his photos here
Alabama 16
Party II 18
Untitled 23
all images ©Furrukh Khan

Jenny Morgan

We are ♡-ing the work of Jenny Morgan. Beautiful stuff. You can ♡ more of her stuff over at her website right here

Fay Ku

We here at connective collective are digging the art of Fay Ku.