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photo o’ the day! Jody Miller!

Today’s photo o’ the day is a wonderful image by the very talented Jody Miller.  You can see more of Jody’s stuff on her Flickr as well!RADIO
©Jody Miller


photo o’ the day!

Today’s photo o’ the day is from Robbie Augspurger aka Wolf Choir.  If you haven’t yet, you must definitely check out some of his amazing and often hilarious glamor and headshots, they are freakin’ amazing!
©Robbie Augspurger

photo of the day!

Today’s dreamy photo of the day comes from Matt Hill.  You can check out more of his stuff here!

©Matt Hill

photo of the day!

Hello friends!  Today’s photo of the day comes from Jana Sotzko from Berlin.  I love the way that this image straddles the line between cute and creepy.  It’s got an amazing dream-like (nightmare?) feeling to it.  David Lynch would be proud.  Please visit Jana’s website here

©Jana Sotzko

photo of the day!

Today’s mysterious photo of the day comes to us all the way from Shanghai from photographer Jialun Wang
The name of the photo is Choi Wan. I have no idea what it is, but I love it. so strange and beautiful.
©Jialun Wang

photo of the day!

Hello friends!  Today’s photo of the day comes from Julie Simon.  

Julie attends the school of museum of fine arts/tufts university in Boston, MA.  Born in 1988 and according to her, she  loves individually wrapped Reese’s Pieces and Sweedish Fish.  

Apparently all that sugar is good for the creative photographic eye.  Looking at this photo I can’t help but be reminded of the song Lost In The Supermarket by The Clash.  Which is a good thing, in my humble opinion.  Go see more of Julie’s stuff here , here and even here.

photo ©Julie Simon

photo of the day!

Today’s photo of the day comes from Kathy Archbold.
Please check out her Flickr page and go here to purchase some of her work
photo ©Kathy Archbold

rapunzel, originally uploaded by buckaroo kid.