Aoife O’Dwyer

Take a peek at these stunning large-format photographs from Aoife O’Dwyer. Really nice stuff. Go see more from Aoife here

all photos ©Aoife O’Dwyer


Jeremy Edwards

Jeremy Edwards is a Chicago-based photographer with a keen eye for life’s strange little details. For much more of Jeremy’s work, check out his website

all photos ©Jeremy Edwards

cynthia henebry

Here is some beautiful photography from Cynthia Henebry. Cynthia shoots strictly analog and mostly medium format. Most of her subjects are children, Cynthia says:
The most interesting and complex people I am surrounded by are children. I find they provide a range of expression, emotion and authenticity that can be harder to find- or at least capture- with adults. 
I have never subscribed to the view that children have it easy. On the contrary, there is so much about the world that is out of their control, and that they are struggling to understand.
At the same time, their availability to the present moment opens them up to beautiful and profound experiences every single day. 

you can see more by Cynthia here

all photos ©Cynthia Henebry


Here are some pictures for you to feast your eyeballs on. Some of the people featured here you may remember from previous entries and some are brand spanking new to connective collective. Remember, we’re always looking for interesting new art, if you’ve got some to show us please get in touch.Vida©Silvia Conde

©Joji Nakamura

©Carly Scott

©Olivia Kjellander Hook

©Patrick Joust

©Benedetta Falugi

©Artur Eranosian

Furrukh Khan

We are extremely delighted to bring you these great photographs from Ohio based photographer, Furrukh Khan. These beautiful scenes from everyday America have a sort of instant familiarity about them. The American Family captured so perfectly that you feel a part of the scene. Take some time and go through some more of his photos here
Alabama 16
Party II 18
Untitled 23
all images ©Furrukh Khan

a handful of pretty things for you…

©Olivier Metzger

©Larice Barbosa

©Simone Lueck

©Dany Peschl

©Drew Kelly

Jenny Morgan

We are ♡-ing the work of Jenny Morgan. Beautiful stuff. You can ♡ more of her stuff over at her website right here